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Design a Roof Top - Porto | Portugal

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The development of outdoor spaces in the office goes beyond the act of planting a professional workspace. It is part of a global approach of a company that wishes to go further in the cohesion of its teams. In the flex-office movement, the terraced office responds to this logic. It offers a new variety of spaces, allowing employees to choose the place that best suits their activity, whether it be work, meetings or relaxation...

CoBe's role was to create comfortable conditions adapted to occupy a terrace of about 500m² in order to be able to work "en plein air". For this purpose CoBe designed "modulos", 4 outdoor rooms of 9 m² adapted to the place as well as to the use. Two of them are fitted out as meeting rooms, one is equipped with a kitchen and the last one is arranged as a collective tier. These metal frame modules are equipped with castors to facilitate the reconfiguration of the terrace according to needs. In order to provide employees with the comfort they need to work outside, the modules are equipped with a bioclimatic pergola with adjustable louvers and windproof curtains. In order to pacify this outdoor space by regulating the prevailing winds, CoBe, in collaboration with the landscape architect Cirurgias Urbanas, completed the system with tree modules surrounded by benches.

Photographs Joachim Luxo


Contracting authority


Project Manager

CoBe & Dialogos Contemporaneos - Cirurgias Urbanas, landscape designer


Construction of a 500 m² terrace


Complete architecture and design mission




May 2021