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IMGP 2 | De Lattre downtown - Bondy (93)

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The aim of the project is to create a place for social, cultural and sporting interaction, a meeting point between the strong urban character of the city centre and the soothing landscape.

It articulates urban and landscape qualities and plural ways of living, paths that link spaces and programmes, as well as an architectural unity that creates the singular atmosphere of this urban piece of Bondy.

180 housing units, a third-party centre, and sports facilities open to all create this new harmonious complex, and make this site a place of life, work, cultural effervescence, and social and economic innovation.

Four gardens animate the project, they are drawn between the new buildings and the adjacent streets, and are dedicated to sports and early childhood, to the animation of the heart of the project. It is a place for the living that favours biodiversity. The project is composed of 3 buildings that form a homogeneous architectural whole, underlined by the unity of the treatment of the facades, the sobriety of the materials and the regularity of the glazed grid.

The rhythm of the interspersed openings gives a sense of structure and grain size. The buildings are designed in concrete structure, slabs and load-bearing walls. The facade materials respond to each other, the peripheral buildings are clad in metal, the central folly is clad in wood. The simplicity of the architectural design offers large windows facing the views, deep balconies and bright loggias.

Perspectives Artefactorylab

Project Contractor

Altarea Cogedim, Habitat & Humanisme

Project Management

CoBe, Fresh Architectures

Investors, Managers, Takers

Baluchon, Habitat & Humanism, Bulk, Lab3S, Profession Sports and Leisure, Planet Citizens, Green on, Doctor House.


87 housing units, a doctor's surgery, a micro-crèche, a sports hall, a third-party centre, a city stadium


Complete architectural mission


13 232 m²


18 M€ HT


NF Habitat HQE 6 stars, E+C- level E2C1, Biodivercity