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Cité verte and Fosse rouge neighborhoods - Sucy-en-Brie (94)

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The Cité Verte and Fosse Rouge districts are remarkable post-war complexes that are part of an exceptional site: the Parc du Château de Sucy on the edge of the Parc du Morbras. They include housing units, a shopping centre "Le rond d'or" whose self-sufficient urban form correlates with its name, and a school on the fringe of the district turned towards wider landscape.

The need to rebuild the school group is an opportunity to found a new heart for this neighbourhood which meets the daily needs of the inhabitants, and to forge new links with the city centre. To achieve these goals, the project relies on the following lever effects: the enhancement of heritage elements; the inclusion of the project in the wider landscape by using topography and plant heritage; the re-establishment of the notion of streets by clear addressing and active ground floors; the creation of synergies between the different programs, particularly around children.

Project Contractor

Town of Sucy-en-Brie

Project Management

SADEV 94, CoBe Urban Planner, EPDC, Open City


Construction of new housing, Demolition reconstruction of a school group (15 classrooms), Demolition reconstruction of a commercial polarity