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Tribequa 1 - Bordeaux (33)

CoBe tribequa Bordeaux
CoBe tribequa Bordeaux
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Lot 8.3 occupies a central position in this future district, an interface between traditional individual housing, the memory of past occupations and new developments.

The operation is composed of a multiplicity of programmes: housing, offices and activities, hotels, shops developed in three distinct phases. The project developed by CoBe concerns two of the five programmes that will be carried out during phase 1, in the south-western part of the lot. It will host a complex of 44 housing units for sale and 33 social housing units, developing between the R+1 and R+10 levels, thus fitting into a part of the podium and constituting one of the emergences.

Perspective Tomas Fischer

Tribequa - Movie - Launch party

Contracting authority

BNP Paribas Real Estate

Project management



Requalification of the Tri Postal block into a place of memory, into a new centrality - Lot 1: 33 social housing units sold to Aquitanis - Lot 2: 44 housing units for sale by BNPPI


Complete mission Architecture


5785 m²


6,7 M€


NF HABITAT HQE Excellent, 9 stars