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Athletes' Village for the 2024 Olympic Paris Games | Saint-Ouen-Sur-Seine (93)

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The athletes' village is entirely designed to become an optimistic district integrated into the city of Saint-Ouen and the whole of Plaine Commune.

CoBe's role was to coordinate the seven architectural projects of lot E, in articulation with the landscape project. To define and spatialise the programming, in line with the territory and the uses of the current and future inhabitants, in order to affirm the territorial anchorage of the future district. Qualify the two macro-lots (the Belvedere and the Villas), define their architectural identity, and work on a "family look" common to all the buildings, particularly through the materiality and the architectural style.

The operation uses a prefabricated "post and beam" construction system made of French wood and low-carbon concrete to save materials. This grid system facilitates both spatial reconfigurations and changes of use, particularly for the transition from the "athletes' village" phase to the "residential area" phase. This construction method allows an economy of scale and makes the material visible in the housing. It allows the project to be a showcase for innovation and contemporary French architecture.

Perspectives Doug&Wolf

Project Contractor

Nexity, Eiffage, EDF, CDC Habitat

Project Management

Coordinators: CoBe, Koz, Atelier Georges - Architects: Lambert-Lenack, Soa, Dream, Barrault-Pressacco


Lot E: 525 dwellings, offices, shops and services (including crèche, catering, crafts, Fab lab, basketball court) - Lot E2B: 97 housing units and 6 common areas, 7 shops


Architectural coordination of lot E (55 768m²) - Architect for lot E2B


55 768 m² (lot E) - 8 880 m² (lot E2B)


169 M€ HT (lot E) - 22.5 M€ HT (lot E2B)


E+C- level E3C2, BBCA Level Excellence, NF Habitat, Biodivercity